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PREPARING FOR A VIRTUAL INTERVIEW | Professional Resume Services

It's becoming commonplace for employers to ask for a virtual interviews. It's an excellent way to connect with a recruiter or hiring manager without having to travel, but they are full of potential pitfalls. Employers who rely on virtual interviews are looking for candidates that are tech savvy and forward-thinking. So if you're asked to participate in a Skype or Facetime interview, make sure you're ready.

Check out our tips to help you prepare for a virtual interview:

1. Check Your Tech: Familiarize yourself with your webcam and microphone so you know how to use them. Give it a test run with a family member or friend to make sure the video quality is on point and the audio is clear. Find the most flattering angle for the camera so that you are looking directly into the camera. Eye contact is important, even if you aren't there to interview in person.

2. Prep Your Surroundings: Guess what? The person on the other side of the screen is looking at more than just your face. Take that into consideration when setting up for your video interview. They can also hear all of the noise being made in the room next to you. Make sure you set up in a quiet place, where there will not be no disruptions.

3. Lighting Is Key: Brighten up your interview by strategically placing a diffused light or lamp behind the computer. This will illuminate your face and keep the shadows at bay. Prospective employers will appreciate the extra effort!

4. Dress to Impress: It may be tempting to go pantless or wear jeans under that suit jacket. I mean, we've all see Sarah Palin pull it off in an interview, right? But, this one is a definite no-go. Even though you are not interviewing for the position in person, appearance still matters. A LOT. Dress professionally at every opportunity. This tells recruiters that you take the job and this interview seriously.

5. Sit Where You Can Speak Freely - Don't try to do a video interview from your current job, Have respect and common courtesy for your current employers by planning your interviews offsite so that you can speak openly about your work history and expectations for a future position!

Do you need additional Interview Coaching? We have a great program in place that will help you gain confidence, refine your communication skills, and learn to market you own professional experiences. Email us today to learn more!

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