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A Time For Gratitude

Gratitude. Appreciation. Thankfulness. No matter what you call it, this time of year is when we all reflect on all that's behind and find hope in what lies ahead. Our family has been overwhelmed this year with the love and blessings we've received.

2018 was a busy year for us, both personally and professionally. And, it got a lot busier with the addition of this new adventure: Professional Resume Services! We are beyond blessed to know and serve so many amazing professionals. We are grateful for the opportunity to play a small part in your journey to the career of your dreams. We do not take that responsibility lightly. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for choosing us.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, let us all consider a few things:

1) Think about all that you're grateful for and speak those thoughts out loud. When we vocalize our thankfulness, it shifts our focus from the business and stress of the holidays to the things that really matter.

2) Help others get into the right frame of mind. Go around the Thanksgiving table and have everyone share what they are most thankful for.

3) Sometimes, family or social gatherings can be complicated and stressful. Keep kindness and compassion at the forefront of your mind. You might be the reason someone else is grateful this holiday season!

We pray that each and every one of you have an amazing day filled with love, family, friends and good food. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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