Does your Resume need to be cleaned up? The first step to updating a resume that's gotten stale is to simply remove the irrelevant and outdated information.

The following pointers will give you a good start on bringing your resume up to date. Here's where to start the pruning:

1. Your GPA: If you graduated at the top of your college class, you can get away with including that in your resume (especially if you're fresh out of school). But your GPA from 2004 simply doesn’t matter in 2018. There's no need to relive those glory days. Use your best judgement and let potential employers know that you're using this resume to give them only the most relevant information.

2. Classes: Unless the coursework helped you develop job-related skills, or you're including relevant continuing education, leave the classes off your resume. Your future employer isn’t really interested in your high school or college coursework.

3. Summer Internships: If you’ve been in the workforce for a few years, summer internships are completely irrelevant. It may be difficult to give a prestigious internship the ax, but it's a must. Honestly, a summer internship on your resume at this point in your career shows that you're leaning too heavily into the past instead of moving forward.

4. References: Employers will ask for references on the application. Don't waste prime space on your resume. It's that simple.

5. Years of Experience: Your relevant years of work experience will be detailed the the Employment section of your resume. There's no need to reiterate, taking up unnecessary space.

Making sure you trim the fat on your Resume is always a good idea. This can be just as important as deciding what to put in it. Tailor your document to individual jobs as you're applying to give you a leg up on the competition!

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